Heart of Steel!

On the weekend (dispite being very sick) we temporarily dropped in the motor, and dummied up the turbo…

You don’t appreciate how big the turbo is until it is sitting on the manifold attached to the engine!

I also took the opportunity to fit up my craft square mirrors!!!

It’s really starting to come together now! Very exciting!

Don’t step on my toe! 

Special delivery from Unlimited Works in Japan.

‘Time Attack’ rear toe arms. These will help to keep the rear toe settings correct under hard acceleration as well as give a lot more adjustability in the rear! 

Thanks Kaz-san!


Sneak peek! 

Enjoy this little snippet of the build! Only a few more weeks for the full video!!

Batten down the hatches!! 

The guys down at Arise Autobody have been busy this week! 

After finishing the door weight reduction programme they hit the paint booth along with the boot lid! These guys are killing it!! Not long now and it will start looking like a car again! 


Thanks Arise!! 



Today we had a big day. Fitted so the Alcon 6pt front calipers and 365mm rotors to the front and fitted the refurbished brembo rear calipers.

Chris from Arise Autobody started on the custom ‘light weight’ doors. Although we have not weighed the doors yet, we think there is at least 3-5kg saved per door, maybe more. 


Lastly… We also started fitting / mocking up the rest of the bodywork.. Wow. This thing is going to look insane. Only after we put the sides on it did we appreciate how wide the car actually will be……

Now for the hard bit…

Well, the guys have done a stellar job on the monster machine this week. We finally have colour on the shell!! Woo hoooooooo~ this has been a long time coming, and in basically 2 weeks, the car was stripped down to a shell and painted inside and out! 

I can’t thank the guys at Arise Autobody enough… I can’t believe how fast you work! 

Now for the hard bit… Putting it all back together!  

Keep an eye out of the SpeedRun Facebook page for the exclusive reveal!! (www.facebook.com/speedruninc)


Clearance for days! 

Been a massive week. Front guards have been clearanced, rear guards have been pumped ready for primer, interior painted, wiring harness modified and rear brakes painted… BOOM! Getting closer!
Massive thanks to Yun & Chris.

Clearance & Colour!!

Heaps has happened over the last few days! The front wheel wells & rear guards have been clearanced for the big wheel & tyre combo, engine bay & interior has been stripped. 
 In addition to that, Candice’s art work is coming along, and the car has been in the spray booth to get all the interior & engine bay sprayed. (I can’t show you the colour though!! – you will have to wait for that!)


Progress is nice!

Yesterday we got a lot done. Check it out!


Front end getting stripped down ready for paint.


Interior getting stripped out ready for paint.. All wiring gone!

Rear end all stripped out!   

Clearing the front wheel wells for the big wheels and tyres! (18×11″ +10 with 15mm spacer. 295/30/18 rubber!!)

Wheel at full lock… Ahhhhhh much better. Can actually wind on lock now!

Candice’s artwork is in progress too! It’s coming along and will look amazing in the car!