Almost ready to show!

It’s been a big week for Arise this week.. But the biggest push is yet to come! 4 days left before the car needs to be on the stand!! Wholly crap! 
Front end mocked up.. (Can you spot the little turbo?😛 )


Peekaboo!  I’m thinking about running no mesh… Looks so clean without it! 
The pictures just don’t really show how wide it truely is.. You really need to see it in the flesh to appricate how wide it actually is!


Buffing! And the paint is just poping under the light!


And lastly, candices artwork just gleaming after being clear coated….. Looks mint and can’t wait to get it in there!


Can’t thank Arise Autobody enough for getting the car to this stage in 5 short weeks. Including dropping the engine and so many other modifications! Make sure to give Arise a like on Facebook! Arise Autobody

Another shout-out to my beautiful wife. A lot of hours went into her artwork, and it paid off! Was good to see her painting again! Make sure to check out her photography and artworks on her Facebook page. Candice Campbell Photography

And finally, thanks to my best mate Tim Buchan for putting up with me during this whole roller coaster. Still a lot to go but so much now accomplished! Make sure to check out our business page! SpeedRun

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