WTAC: ‘Monster Machine’ First Public Outing

World Time Attack Challenge 2015 is now done and dusted. Wow. What a weekend. I had an absolute blast and cant wait until the next event I can bring it out!

I just want to thank Arise Autobody for all the hard work they put in. You guys went above and beyond. Thank you so much.

Thanks to Candice Campbell Photography for the continued support, and BEAUTIFUL artwork you did on the rear bulkhead of the car. Its a beautiful center piece.

Massive shout out to my best friend and business partner Tim from SpeedRun. Couldn’t have done it without you buddy. Thanks to your help, the day was a MASSIVE success.
Here are a few iphone shots of the car, and the atmosphere.. The car was a massive hit!

422398_10153563540063260_924590098861021139_n 10430915_10153563540093260_5067113496968030869_n 12072668_10153563539993260_4617749995819290162_n 12105718_10153563387528260_1264141044092341779_n 12108060_10153563387328260_8759456595459913377_n 12108801_10153563387653260_4944913424878546608_n 12109152_10153563387393260_5535962015846519134_n 12112309_10153563387363260_4591654226242170283_n 12115832_10153563387353260_5139571769790938777_n 12144893_10153563539978260_6525273066573864351_n

And now some more professional photos that were taken… Thanks to J_Hui Photography and others!

12066069_1050208191689223_293052051558968614_n 12079098_1050208051689237_3765140227707125556_n 12088592_10153563387418260_2500039253982583873_n 12096121_1050208098355899_8251055535232681670_n 12096390_1050208175022558_7238543305542404588_n 12105710_1050208155022560_2817707225560314136_n 12112139_1050208048355904_8788534679914016449_n (1) 12112198_1050208055022570_4115410296060003104_n 12112278_1050208111689231_8816265125253855568_n 12143169_1626868430911464_5829485777673614024_n

2 thoughts on “WTAC: ‘Monster Machine’ First Public Outing

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words!
      It really has been a mammoth undertaking, and still a while to go yet. Make sure to keep checking back regularly for new updates and blog posts. 🙂


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