Fire Bomb!

Well, with the car more or less in pieces (again!) I have decided it would be a good time to upgrade safety. Gone are the days I will be relying on 2x1kg fire extinguishers.

With the car so difficult to get in and out of, I have decided to install an electronic fire bomb system. Sure it might not be the lightest solution, but if it buys me some time getting out of the car in the event of a fire, it’s a worth while investment.

Benchmark x AKR

So it is time!

Yesterday I picked up the car from Arise Autobody, drove 2.5hrs to drop the car off with Ben from BENchmark ( follow him on instagram ).

When I dropped off the car, I noticed that my good friend Mat Wootten had his Nissan R34 GTT in getting a few bits and pieces done. It has been many years since both of these cars have been in the same place!

We will be doing a lot to the evo while it's with benny, hopefully getting it started before WTAC as it would be great to show it off.

The car will be getting the fuel system done (surge tank setup), Motec PDM, Motec keypad, Motec M130 and a Motec E888 expander. Can't wait, and will keep you all updated!

New year, new progress!!

Hey all! Welcome to 2016!!

I have been so busy with work I have neglected my status updates on the car!! 

First of the updates is some new safety equipment. I will be pulling out my old roll cage and will be replacing it with a ‘national-spec’ roll cage. What this means is I really should start yoga just to try to get in and out of the car!!!


Little by little

Just a small update today. I have been recovering from world time attack challenge said I have not done much to the car. 

With Xmas being so close, it is difficult to get into a fabricator but hoping to get into hypertune before Xmas to get things started. 

I took a drive down to Arise Autobody to have a bit of a tinker with the car.